I am John D. Costello.

Graduated with a B.A. in Media Studies and Production (formerly Broadcasting, Tellecommunications and Mass Media) from Temple University in August 2013. Armed with a B.A. from Temple University and an A.A.S. from Community College of Philadelphia I am ready to show the world what these two expensive pieces of paper really mean.

I was born and raised in Philadelphia. I recently moved to Los Angeles to pursue my dream and start a career. I am looking to do sound design and mixing for TV/Film, specifically animation. In the mean time I’m down to do whatever. I can record and mix for bands and run lives shows. So I’m here to see what an east coaster can do on the other side.

While in Philadelphia I was an audio engineer at Eventions Productions. I was an engineer for various events around the Philadelphia area. These events can be small college shows to large corporate event. Many have a video presentation and lighting. I was also an Event Manager there. I was in charge of running the event for the day i.e. assigning jobs to crew members, keeping a timeline for when thins must be completed, and being the main point of contact with the client.

I am also a recording engineer. Having interned at a studio and spending free time recording at home I have developed skills for recording and mixing. View my portfolio for a sample of my recording/engineering work. Some of These were recorded at Tweek Studios and others in my home.  Behance.net/JohnDCostello

Since my move to LA I have done a few free lance jobs. Also started working on a podcast you can download at earbudtheater.com My first episode was entitled “This Monstrous Life.” I did some of the sound design on it. In the mean time I’m doing what every one does out here and work at a restaurant, or two.

Well, I quit the restaurants because I got a job at Jim Henson Studios! I’m a runner, its cool.  No more restaurant jobs!  Also, continuing more sound work for Earbud Theater.

Follow my blog as I chronicle the adventures of a kid from Northeast Philadelphia who got on a plane to Los Angeles one day. Lets see where it goes from here…


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