2017 updates

Hey guys, hope you’re all enjoying the New Year.

So since my last post I’ve been working on The Human Kind Podcast.  Link is up in the portfolio section.  Its a cool podcast that I do the mixing and editing on.  Basically they get two people of different race to talk about how race effects their lives in America.  I think its a pretty cool idea and hope you all check it out.

Other than that its kinda the same old stuff, working at Henson still.  As always I’m available for more freelance and side work.  On a more personal note I was visiting home over the holidays and got to see all the newborn babies in my family.  I got a nephew and two new cousins in the last year.  So that was pretty cool.

Hope you’re all enjoying the year.  Please check out my work.  Once again the newest thing is the Human Kind Podcast and that releases every Thursday on iTunes as will as HumanKindPodcast.com

Talk to ya soon.


Been A While

Wow, It has been a while since my last post.  Well not a whole lot has happened.  Just kidding.  So heres a bit of an overview.

Work at Henson has been pretty cool.  Done a whole ton of different stuff and seen so many celebrities.  Its been kinda crazy and all over the place.  I’m still a runner but have been getting more and more assisting sessions, so thats pretty cool.

Finally putting my more recent episode of Ear Bud Theater, Super Bad Day, up on here.  I didn’t record it personally but did all the mixing, editing, and sound design.  I’ll be putting a link up on the portfolio section shortly after I post this blog entry.  I’ve been talking with the producer of Ear Bud recently and we are discussing another episode, so that’ll be cool.  Also been planning another podcast with a friend, we’ll see if that pans out.

I’ve moved out of Hollywood and into The Valley.  I live in Sherman Oaks, its pretty cool so far.  Way different than Hollywood but its cool to check out more of LA.  I’ve also recently started playing guitar.  By recently I mean about a week ago.  So  thats something I’m trying to teach myself.  We’ll see where that goes, haha.

Well theres a brief update of whats been going on with me.  Thanks for reading, hope you’re all doing well.


Podcast Is Up

“Super Bad Day” is (finally) done and up! check it out on Earbudtheater.com. I mixed, edited, and did sound effects for it. I think it came out really well and hope you all like it.

Had a long like 2+ weeks straight on night shift. A lot of hours but some really long nights. But thats all in the business. Now I’m finally enjoying a relaxing day off.

I’ve also made it past the six month mark in L.A.! its super cool out here.

Sat in on my first session yesterday.

Got to sit in on one of the staff engineer’s in-house sessions. When the studio isn’t booked the engineers are allowed to bring in their own clients. If runners are off we’re allowed to sit in and watch and help out. It was really cool. Learned a lot about how all the gear is patched together and stuff. It also looks really good to the management that I came in on my day off. Hopefully I can do it again soon.

Works been pretty cool. Almost done the next episode of Earbud Theater. Link will be up soon.

Runnin’, Podcastin’, Workin’

The runner job at Henson is pretty cool still. Really beginning to get he hang of it for the most part, hard to since stuff changes all the time and every day is different. I like the job a lot. Its really cool that its different everyday and you never know whats going to happen. It really beats all the driving and traveling I did while at Eventions, I really hated that part of that job. Working from a studio is cool, I like going to the same place everyday. Hopefully I’ll get some free time and go in on my off hour and play with the gear. That should be cool.

Just finished doing some stuff on the next episode of Earbud Theater. Its coming along well. hopefully have a solid mix tomorrow. The editing required is kind of a pain but I hope that I can have a rough edit done by tomorrow night. I should be 100% done with it in the next week or so, and I assume it will get posted fairly quick. So expect it by April. Pretty stoked for this one since I am mixing the whole thing, wish I did the recording as well.

It’s been a month….

Woa, this job is pretty awesome. The night shifts for a while were 15 hours, I did like 75 hours that week. Its cool tho. I’m on days now so its a little more high-strung, like the management is there and stuff. But at least we know when we’ll be done. Some cool clients have been in. Today was slow so I got to check out the gear and get a little hands-on with it. definitely learning a lot. So far its really cool.

I also recorded a song with this girl, Jess. We’re probably about 85% done recording it. Its come out pretty good so far. If it turns out good it could end up in the short film she is in and based the song off of. So that would be really fucking awesome.

New Job

So, I’m working at Jim Henson Recording Studios. Its pretty cool so far. I’ve only worked two days, tonight I’m on the nigh shift for day 3. I’m a runner, so I do a lot of seemingly stupid stuff but its all the things that go into making the studio experience go well for artists. I have to make sure all the studios and lounges are clean and stocked up on snacks, drinks, coffee, pens, papers, markers, etc. I go to starbucks like 5 times a day, haha. I make the runs to restaurants and stores for lunch or anything else an artist may want throughout the day. It’s pretty cool and all the mixers and even management here started as runners.

Working on the next episode of Earbud Theater as well. I’m doing the whole mix and sound design for this one. Its pretty cool and I can’t wait for it to be released. As always I’ll post a link here.

All in all, everything is going well right now. I no longer work in restaurants and am employed full time(7 days a week possibly) at a recording studio. Pretty freak’n sweet.

Happy New Year.

That sound job was cool, simple and easy. But it was cool. I go back for load out in 2 weeks. So its cool that I got a few days of work. Working at Happy Endings tonight for New Years Eve. Staying busy between them and Rocco’s Pizzeria.

The earbud theater guys seemed happy with the podcast and I’m gonna do more work with them. So thats cool it’ll give me something to do and put on my portfolio. Still emailing and looking for paying work though. Hopefully something comes in the New Year.

Hope everyone has a Happy New Year.


It’s christmas eve tomorrow. I’m in shorts, with the window open, and the fan on. This is kinda strange for me.

I started another job today. My hours were getting cut at the bar so I picked up another job at a pizza place. Owner is from philly too. I thinkI’m gonna like it there and work enough to make decent money.

Sound work is still nill. I keep looking, got a small freelance gig for 2 days left week with the lighting company I worked on halloween for. The podcast I worked on is up! Go to earbudtheater.com. The episode I worked on was “This Monstrous Life.” I did the soundscape for the last segment in Cthulu’s Lair.

Monsters, Podcasts, Sounds

Well, Its been almost 2 months of living in Los Angeles. I’ve been to more studios than I can count. I’ve sent more emails than I can count. I work at a bar and a catering/staffing agency. So, yeah, LA is exactly what you would (or should) expect. It still cool. I’m still trying to figure out how to get a sound job, a paying one at least. Yep, got my first job, doesn’t pay but its awesome.

I’m doing sound design for an audio-drama podcast. Its called Earbud Theater, check it out at EarbudTheater.com. Its a fairly new podcast. They don’t have any actual sound people on their crew, just a bunch of people trying to figure it out. They guy in charge seemed to like what i came up with for a soundscape to the upcoming episode about monsters. I’ll post a link when its up.

This seems like its gonna be really fun and a great portfolio piece. The people seem cool and everyone really enjoyed making the show. So I can’t wait to post it and see what people think.