Here are brief descriptions and links to previous projects.

The Human Kind Podcast HumanKindPodcast.com
The Human Kind Podcast is a weekly podcast that features people of different race talking about their experiences with race in America.  I did all the mixing and editing on these.  Once again I did not do any of the recordings.

Earbud Theater’s Super Bad Day Super Bad Day
This is another entry in the Earbud Theater anthology.  This one I did all the editing, mixing, and sound design.  I did not do any of the recording

Earbud Theater’s This Monstrous Life http://earbudtheater.com/podplay-index/
Earbud Theater is a sci-fi/horror anthology series.  This episode was a parody of This American Life on NPR.  I did the soundscape and effects on the final segment with Cthulu Jr.  I did not do the recording or mixing just some sound design.  I made it using Logic Pro.

S.I.N EP by Strength in Numbers http://bit.ly/1nq8QiJ
This is an EP by a local hard rock band. It was recorded in the guitarist’s living room over 3 days. It was mixed at my home using Logic Pro.

Throwing Caution To The Wind EP by A Foxdale Death http://bit.ly/XNYYsg
This is an EP by a local hardcore band. It was recorded and mixed in my home using Logic Pro. It was recorded over 4 days in December of 2012. For any other production questions fell free to leave a comment.

Hopscotch Jefferson’s EP http://bit.ly/OTZTwI
This is an EP by local blues rock band Hopscotch Jefferson. It was recording in Spring of 2012 at TWEEK Studios. The Recording was done with Pro Tools. I mixed this in my home using Logic Pro.

The Cutting Heads’ EP http://bit.ly/ISVsod
This is an EP by the now defunct rock band The Cutting Heads. It was recorded at TWEEK Studios using Pro Tools and mixed in Logic Pro at my home. It was Recorded over 3 days in late 2011.

Miscellaneous Songs http://bit.ly/p7pT0V
These two songs were both recorded at TWEEK Studios in spring 2011. The Resolution is by Mike Liberatore and was recorded with Pro Tools and mixed with Logic Pro. Bang a Gong is a TRex cover performed by Dan Wurtzbacher. That was recorded and mixed at TWEEK using Pro Tools.

For any questions or comments feel free to leave a reply.


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